Open Session Skate Hours

Normal Schedule:

6pm-9pm, $2.00 includes Admission and Skate Rental

7pm-11pm, $5.50 Admission Plus Skate Rental

12pm-3pm, $4.00 Admission Plus Skate Rental

7pm-11pm, $5.50 Admission Plus Skate Rental

1pm-4pm, $4.00 Admission Plus Skate Rental



av-2312_jumping-smiley-anim Rollerscape of Tullahoma

Thank You for visiting our website! (Rollerscape was sold in 2010 to Chris Tally, now called SkateWorld.)

My Name is Karen Willis. My husband, Charles, and I bought and re-opened the Rollerscape Center in Tullahoma in 2006. As a Family Friendly Center, there are activities for all age groups, such as skating, laser tag, skating lessons, and parties.


* Wholesome Entertainment

Skating centers today offer a wide range of entertainment options in a healthy environment. Many are open early in the evening or later at nights for adults and teenagers. As smoke-, alcohol- and drug-free environments, they serve as gathering places for supervised social interaction.

* Fun for All

Roller skating centers provide entertainment for people of all ages. With skaters circling the floor, music blaring and lights flashing, children and adults can enjoy a high energy experience in a safe, clean environment. We also offer Games and Laser Tag for those who prefer not to skate.

* School Parties

Planning a celebration for a school or group becomes a task of convenience when working with roller skating centers. A recent study by Roller Skating Association International provided the following information:
(1) Skating centers host between 396,000 and 564,000 birthday parties a year!
(2) In addition, they help between 33,000 and 47,000 people blow out their birthday candles every month.

* Fundraising

As a community conscious skating center, we are willing to help schools reach their financial goals.

Fundraisers allow parents, teachers and the greater community to support students in their communities, all while having fun. In addition, working with our skate center offers several advantages:
(1) Students can focus on fun rather than door-to-door sales.
(2) Adults handle all the money, which takes pressure off of children.
(3) Pushing unused inventory, as in traditional fundraisers, is not an issue.

* Skate for Your Health

Recognized by the American Heart Association as a healthy activity, roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, caloric consumption, body fat reduction, and leg strength development. It also provides a complete aerobic workout for over 640 of the body’s muscles, especially the heart. To take advantage of these health benefits, many skating centers offer the following programs:
(1) Learn to Skate Classes
(2) Structured Fitness Programs
(3) Field trips and curriculum development for physical education classes

Christian Skate Night!

1st Tuesday of Every Month
6:00pm-8:00pm, $2.00 admission.

Rollerscape Skating Rink would like to invite you to a night of good fellowship. We are open to the public the 1st Tuesday of every month for Christian skate night. The entire Church, youth group, family and all friends are welcome to come.

Special Events

(No free passes or discounts on Special Events.)

Home School Skate!

Jan 8th and Feb 12th 1:30pm - 3:00pm

$5.00 Includes Admission and Skate Rental.

Rollerscape Skating Center is Sponsoring an All You Can Eat Pizza Night!!!

Friday, January 22nd, 7:00pm-10:30pm

$10.00 Includes Admission, Regular Skate Rental, and All the PIZZA YOU CAN HOLD.

Parents $5.00 each gets you all the Pizza You Can Eat.

Join the fun at Rollerscape!

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